What Are People Saying?

I loved Dialogue Dynamics because it is packed with information, but clearly written. I read it at two am when I was exhausted and I still understood what it said. It explains the basics of dialogue and every writer sometimes needs to be reminded of the basics. But also, it teaches more than the basics. It seems like it can be useful no matter the experience level of the writer. It's one of those reference books that should be reread again and again. - Jessica Foster

This little book has a wealth of knowledge for writers, especially newbies like me. It is easy to read and straight to the point. You won't be bogged down by dull writing. Tristi uses her great humor to teach about writing effective dialogue. I learned a lot! - Sheila Staley

Dialogue Dynamics is an especially helpful tool for the beginning writer in how to manage and execute effective dialog. It also serves the writer who is grammatically or punctuationally challenged. Dialogue Dynamics is a quick read that offers sound advice and a bit of humor from a person who knows. - Monique Bucheger

Tristi's great experience as an editor and author really comes into this short resource book - Dialogue Dynamics. She truly understands the ins and outs behind writing excellent, moving dialogue that furthers the plot and keeps readers engaged. I recommend this book to everyone who's a beginner or an intermediate author, or those who would like to brush up their skills. - Andrea Pearson