Books Available in the Write It Right Series:

The Writer's Workbook is a journal you fill out with your writing goals and progress for the day. It also includes a page for you to plan out your writing for the next day. Over 100 pages so you can chart your writing for over 100 days.

Less detailed than the Writer's Notebook, the Word Count Tracker lets you jot down the
date and your word count so you can compare your numbers with how well 
you've done in the past. A simple fill-in-the-blanks log that will last you a whole year.

Dialogue Dynamics helps you identify some of the most common mistakes authors make in writing dialogue, punctuating it, and presenting it. 

Creating Characters gives guidelines for the most effective ways to show who your characters are
without falling into cliches and stereotypes.

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 Point-of-View Primer will show you how how to get in your characters' heads and show what they're thinking, feeling, 
and experiencing without giving your readers whiplash.
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In Journey Through Genrelearn the elements of the most popular genres in fiction 
and how to incorporate them into your books to reach your target audience, leaving them satisfied and wanting more.

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Are you new to blogging and need help getting started? Basic Blogging with Blogger will walk you through the whole process step-by-step and help you create the blog you’ve always wanted. With clear instructions that work specifically for Blogger, you’ll be up and running in no time—and you don’t need to know any HTML. It doesn’t matter your level of computer expertise—you will find tips and tricks in here to make blogging a piece of cake.

Are you confused about commas? Emotional about em dashes? Hysterical about hyphens? Punctuation can make or break a sentence, and it's important to understand the rules and use them properly so your real meaning is clear. This quick reference guide will come in handy whether you're an author, blogger, or someone who just wants to get a handle on how it should be done.

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